Trisha Lyn FawverHi – Trisha Lyn Fawver here!  I’ve always been a maker and a creative thinker.  From back in my days in Girl Scouts doing crafts at camp and with my troop, to college where I taught myself HTML and studied creative writing, to weekends with my mom & aunt learning different jewelry and cross-stitching techniques, I try to create something new everyday.

As I entered my 30s, it became apparent to me that I’d never have room for all of the cool things I make – so why not sell some?  That way, I get the pleasure of creating something and the benefit that it’s going to a good home and not sitting around in a box.  And the money – bonus!  Many of my creative efforts break even – and I’m happy to share my items with the world!

You’ll find an eclectic mix of products available here.  Some are made-to-order and available in infinite numbers, while others are incredibly unique with limited quantities available.

I am available as well for custom, commissioned work.  Contact me for a quote.

Aside from being a maker, I am the CEO of Blinkstar Media offering affiliate program management and creative services, sometimes blog at TrishaLyn.com, share my photography at TrishaLynFawver.com, write about resources for Girl Scouts at Girl Scout Guide, share recipes at FoodAskew, and bow to the whims of Pixel: Pug Princess.

Thank you kindly for your business!

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